The Story of Dr. Frank Mellow and his Electrostatic Generator

The name Dr. Frank Ernest Mellow is attached to forty-three different artefacts here at the Museum of Health Care, not the least of which is the massive electrostatic generator currently on display in our “Electricity and the Invisible Ray” gallery! ⁠

The generator was the last piece of equipment to be taken out of Dr. Mellow’s office and brought to Kingston in 2006– it had been in the same place in the second floor sitting room of Dr. Mellow’s house since it was purchased in the 1910s. The placement of the machine in the house made the whole second floor smell like ozone because it was used so frequently.⁠

Dr. Frank Earnest Mellow

Dr. Frank Mellow was a Queen’s University graduate, inspired to go into medicine by his older brother Sam. He graduated at the top of his class and practiced medicine in Saintfield, Ontario for ten years before moving to Uxbridge, Ontario in 1912. He married Daisy Isabel Campion Carmichael shortly thereafter, and they were very active in the community. Mellow helped found the Lakeridge Cottage Hospital, and the couple even built a bowling green!⁠

Electrostatic Generator – Museum of Health Care 006030001
Queen’s University Faculty of Medicine Class of 1902 [Frank Mellow on left] – Museum of Health Care 006030030

Dr. Mellow is remembered by his descendants today as a devout, loving person who thrived on routine. He always wore a jacket, tie, and creased trousers, and though he was quiet, he had a wonderful sense of humour. Over his fifty-one years practicing in Uxbridge, Dr. Mellow helped deliver over 1200 babies without ever losing a single mother. In April 1963, he passed away in the same hospital he helped to found, leaving many cherished memories in his wake, along with a collection of artefacts from his long career that are now preserved in the Museum.⁠

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Shaelyn Ryan <br>(Collections Technician/Assistant 2022)
Shaelyn Ryan
(Collections Technician/Assistant 2022)

Shaelyn Ryan is a recent graduate of Queen’s University, having completed her Bachelor’s degree in History in 2021, and is returning to Queen’s in the fall to pursue a Master’s degree in History. Either as a Summer Student or Work-Study Student through Queen’s University, Shaelyn has helped catalogue and research many of the museum’s collection of artefacts as a Collections Technician (since 2018). 

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