Anastomosis Button (From the Collection #8)

The Story Once called the “surgical genius of our generation” by Dr. William Mayo, Dr. John Benjamin Murphy (1857-1916) was a renowned American surgeon who pioneered techniques in general surgery, orthopedics, cardiothoracic surgery, and neurosurgery. He attached his name to a number of tests and instruments, including Murphy’s sign (a diagnostic for cholecystitis), Murphy’s punch … More Anastomosis Button (From the Collection #8)

Stomach Pump and Enema Kit (From the Collection #9)

The Story For thousands of years, humans have attempted to maintain inner health by cleansing their gastrointestinal tracts. Two tools that have been employed for this purpose include the stomach pump and the enema.The story of the enema is much older than that of the stomach pump. For millennia, people have used enemas to treat … More Stomach Pump and Enema Kit (From the Collection #9)