Nursing Sister’s Military Uniform (From the Collection #17)

The Story

More than 4000 women served as military nurses during the Second World War playing a vital role in the care and comfort of wounded soldiers, sailors, and airmen. As commissioned officers known by rank and title as Nursing Sisters, they served as fully-integrated members of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Most of them worked overseas in military hospitals and casualty clearing stations. After the lean years of the 1930s when there were few available positions for graduate nurses, even with the dangers of warfare, military nursing offered a job with a good salary, benefits, status, and a chance to travel.

This starched apron and blue working uniform belonged to Nursing Sister Miriam Hartrick (1909-2001) who served in England, France, and Italy during the Second World War. She graduated from the Kingston General Hospital School of Nursing in 1931. Topped by a long white veil, these distinctive uniforms made nursing sisters clearly identifiable.

The Specs

ACCESSION # (Web Link):002001085
Object Name:Nursing Sisters Military Uniform Apron
Manufacturer (Country):Corbett-Cowley (Canada)
Date Made:Circa 1939-1945
MESH Code:Clothing
MM= Clothing — uniform — World War II
Military Medicine
Military Medicine — textile
Military Medicine — army
Military Medicine — army — R. C. A. M. C.
Military Medicine — nursing
Military Medicine — Nursing Sisters
Military Medicine — Second World War — World War Two — WW2 — WWII
Military Personnel — nurse
Military Uniform — nurse

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