The Story of Dr. Lajjavati Man Mohan and her medals

Dr. Lajjavati Man Mohan, born February 24th, 1918, was Kingston’s first ever Indian-born doctor. Dr. Mohan was highly accomplished, having trained at Lady Hardinge Medical College in New Delhi and served at the military Indian General Hospital in Punee, as well as at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Lucknow. In 1935, she was awarded a gold medal for her outstanding performance as a medical student at Lady Hardinge College, and in 1940, she earned a silver medal for her work as an outstanding woman physician, awarded by the Governor-General and Viceroy of India. From 1942 to 1946, Dr. Mohan served in the Indian Army Medical Corps, where she earned the rank of Captain and was a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics.

Dr. Lajjavati Man Mohan

Dr. Mohan arrived in Canada to complete an internship at Kingston General Hospital in 1957, while the country was facing a shortage of doctors. She received her license to practice medicine in Canada in 1959, and in 1961 she became part of the staff of Kingston General Hospital. She was a popular family doctor and gynecologist, especially among the Indian and Pakistani communities, and touched the lives of many patients. Additionally, Dr. Mohan was a founding member of the India-Canada Association of Kingston in 1979, and served as its president in 1986-87. She passed away in 1995.

Dr. Mohan’s Medical Certificate–Museum of Health Care
Dr. Mohan’s medalsMuseum of Health Care

Today, Dr. Mohan’s legacy is commemorated in the galleries of the Museum of Health Care, where her medals and a copy of her certificate allowing her to practice medicine in Canada are on display.

Shaelyn Ryan<br>(Collections Technician/Assistant 2020-2021)
Shaelyn Ryan
(Collections Technician/Assistant 2020-2021)

Shaelyn Ryan is an undergraduate student Queen’s University, currently completing her forth (and final) year in the Bachelor of Arts History Program. Either as a Summer Student or Work-Study Student through Queen’s University, Shaelyn has helped catalogue and research many of the museum’s collection of artefacts as a Collections Technician (since 2018).

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  1. Yes, we remember her well. It was so hard for her in the KGH and Kingston community at that time. I am glad that you are celebrating her contributions.

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