Support the Museum of Health Care’s efforts to memorialize the Canadian COVID-19 Experience: The COVID-19 Project

The Museum of Health Care is issuing a call to all Canadian hospitals, local public health agencies,
museums and community members to assist in building a COVID-19 collection.

We are seeking COVID-19 medical related items to be donated to our collection to help memorialize and archive the lived experience of this 21st century pandemic.

In addition, the COVID-19 Collection project is looking for personal narratives of Canadian’s individual experiences during the pandemic. For example: if you or a family member had COVID and were treated in a hospital and/or on a ventilator, we want to hear your story! The COVID-19 collection will be used to support future education programs, exhibits and research.

What we are looking for:
We would like to add some of the most prominent items associated with COVID-19 to our collection, including any or all of the following:

  • Vaccine Vials, Boxes, Related items – We would like to acquire one of each brand of vaccine. Vials can be emptyor spoiled. We are also interested in empty cardboard vial boxes with the manufacturer’s information and unused, unopened disposable syringes and their disposal containers.
  • C-19 Testing Kit— with instructions, long swabs, typical lab results etc. A full testing outfit including face shield, scrubs, gloves, etc.
  • Ventilator designed for COVID-19—Mechanical Ventilator Manufactured (MVM) by VEXOS
  • Temperature Gun – Any model used to check visitors as a pre-C-19 test
  • PPE Outfits – Any type and model
  • Questionnaires for the public
  • Vaccination Appointment Receipts and Certificates – Template versions only
  • Vaccination stickers
  • Signage, instructions from hospitals, Public Health Units, businesses – Various relating to COVID-19

If you have any, or access to medical items, a story to share, or information that would assist us in obtaining any COVID-19 related items, please contact the museum at

One thought on “Support the Museum of Health Care’s efforts to memorialize the Canadian COVID-19 Experience: The COVID-19 Project

  1. I am a member of – we send postcards, and receive postcards back, from random people around the world.

    During the last 16 months I have received 60 postcards with the theme of coronavirus as the picture on the front. The countries from which I have received these cards include:
    China / Germany / U.K. / Turkey / USA / Taiwan / Singapore / Austria / Lithuania / Belarus / Russia / Finland / Czech Republic / India / Brazil / Australia.

    I also have some ‘coronavirus-themed’ cards that I have purchased and they are unused.

    I would not want to part with the postcards that I have received from people, but I could scan them – but I am unsure about copyright.

    Brenda Johnson
    Brockville, ON

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